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Volunteer Costs are:

$482.oo for 1 week                                                                     $643.00 for 2 weeks
$857.00 for 3 weeks                                                                  $1072.00 for 4 weeks
$1179.00 for 5 weeks                                                                $1286.00 for 6 weeks
$1394.00 for 7 weeks                                                               $1501.00 for 8 weeks
$1608.00 for 9 weeks                                                               $1715.00 for 10 weeks
$1823.00 for 11 weeks                                                             $1930.00 for 12 weeks
$2037.00 for 13 weeks                                                             $2144.00 for 14 weeks
$2252.00 for 15 weeks                                                             $2359.00 for 16 weeks
$2466.00 for 17 weeks                                                            $2574.00 for 18 weeks
$2681.00 for 19 weeks                                                            $2788.00 for 20 weeks
$2895.00 for 21 weeks                                                            $3003.00 for 22 weeks
$3100.00 for 23 weeks                                                            $3217.00 for 6 months

Please note: Prices are in American Dollars and must be paid in full 6 weeks prior to your arrival in Tanzania.

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Why are Water Aid Matters’ volunteer placement fees, a lot cheaper than many other Volunteer organisations?

None of the fee has to cover Western administration costs or wage expenses because everybody working for the charity lives in Tanzania.

How do I know Water Aid Matters is a legitimate International Volunteer Business?

Water Aid Matters is a registered charity with the Charity Commission of England and Wales. The registration number is 1125214. It is registered by this commission as aiming to raise money in England, to use these funds so as to create wells and irrigation systems for villages in Tanzania and to improve the lives of both adults and children by giving them a supply of water for themselves and their cattle. Therefore the commission acknowledges Water Aid Matters’ mission to work internationally. You can go to the Guidestar UK website to see the information this website, set up by the Charity Commission of England and Wales, has about Water Aid Matters, previously known as Pipe Dreams. The bank account is the charity bank account, registered to this charity again by the Charity Commission of England and Wales. This account is held in the UK known as Lloyds TSB. The banking standards of this country are very strict so you would have no problem tracking us down. If you do not feel comfortable paying through this UK account there is always the PayPal option on the website which offers consumer security.

Why do I have to pay to volunteer and where do my fees go?

It may seem a little strange, that you are paying to work. It is however very much appreciated that you are. The reason the volunteer placement fee exists is because this is one way of getting funding to these projects that would otherwise not receive it. These projects would not exist if it was not for volunteer support. More and more people are helping in this way, as those donating actually get to meet the people their money is helping and leave having seen how their money will be used as well. So as you can see part of the money you pay goes to the project where you will be working. We also include a further donation to the water project the charity is working on at the time. In this way your fee goes towards educational funding plus water projects.

The fee is then divided up between the cost of your accommodation and associated placement costs such as food, laundry and local wages. Minimal administration costs also make up part of the program fees and these include the running and maintenance of the company vehicle, petrol, phone, and internet. .All of this money you give however does end up being used in Tanzania and so therefore contributes to its struggling economy. This helps the locals to sustain their basic human rights through work.

How do I know my money will be spent as indicated?

You will meet all the people where your money goes and can ask them. At the moment the water project donation fee will go towards the water project in Longido district. The project is said to cost $30 000. Water Aid Matters has promised this district it will find $10 000. The rest is coming from Testigo Water Projects and the people of this community. You are very welcome to visit the people in this district and ask them of the plans. If you do not choose to volunteer in this village, visiting and learning about the Masai of this district makes a weekend quite special.

Do I need certain skills to volunteer?

Water Aid Matters is focused on choosing volunteers that has certain qualities rather than skills. A desire to help children to develop in order to be ready for school and to assist those at school is something we see as very important. As you see from the application form, as all our placements are with chidren, we require one character reference and one professional reference.

What will happen once I arrive?

Once you arrive one of the Water Aid Matters’ team will greet you at the Impalla hotel in Arusha. This is for volunteers flying into Nairobi who will make the transfer to Arusha by the Impalla shuttle. Alternatively if you are coming from Dar es Salam we can either meet you at the bus terminal or Arusha airport. That night you can either stay at the volunteer accommodation you have chosen in Arusha town, or one of Arusha’s backpackers. Over the course of your first few days in Tanzania you will be given a tour of the town and receive your induction and local Swahili lesson. Then you will be taken to your placement sight and settled in before your placement commences.

Will I be safe?

Yes. Tanzania is known for being one of the most politically stable countries in Africa, so much so that the Water Aid Matters team moved here themselves. We will be right here alongside you offering support and ensuring your safety for the duration of your placement. That said, as with all countries ridden with poverty and desperation, theft can be a common occurrence which is why we have included a comprehensive guide on safety around town, in the Volunteer Manual. Tanzania is internationally recognised for its political stability.

What if I do not like my placement?

Before you arrive in Tanzania, every measure is taken to ensure that you are compatible with your placement and as much as possible, know what to expect, so we can be sure you will, not only like your placement, but Love it. That said we completely understand that actually being in Tanzania, on placement often feels very different to how you imagined from the comfort of your home. If you are really struggling with your selected placement and we are unable to find a resolve that will see you enjoy the remainder of your program then we will assist you in finding something more suitable.

Can I volunteer with a friend/partner or in a group?

Yes. We can accommodate groups and couples or friends. Some placements have limited accommodation availability so please contact us to clarify before setting your heart on a specific placement.

Will I be working with other volunteers?

This completely depends on the time of year.. All the accommodation we offer has room for several volunteers to be near to each other but we can not guarantee there will be others staying. Just let us know your preference before you select a placement and we will try to accommodate your requests

Teaching projects

The Montessori nursery school in Longido accommodates 50 pupils. It teaches the children to teach themselves using activities which stimulate the five senses. The aim is to build confidence in the children, so they grow up believing that education is right for them. They learn about their environment and promote their culture in the class. Previously the Masai have felt eliminated from education. This style aims to include all cultures. All cultures can see education can be for all. The style is meant to help children to see that learning is fun. Children start to be taught at 2 and half years, believing they will gain the foundations for all the subjects by 6 years old .

Orphanage placements

Water Aid Matters can set volunteers up to work in orphanage placements either nearer to Arusha town or in a village known as Nkoaranaga village in the foothills of Mount Meru. This orphanage and the one nearer to town are boarding orphanages. There is normally a great need for staff and volunteers here as there are an increasing amount of orphans in Tanzania. Volunteers can help the children, by feeding them, helping them with their homework, talking to them, teaching them English and playing with them . Water Aid Matters has provided both orphanages with educational toys, CDs and DVDS that can be used to help inspire ideas for educational play. The charity and orphanages seem very appreciative of such resources and would welcome more. Water Aid Matters sees the benefit of education in eliminating the need for orphanages. Because of this it encourages the founders of these orphanages to put your project donation money towards long term educational opportunities for these children . Once the children reach 4 years of age , they go to school but return to the orphanages to eat their supper and sleep. For this reason in the afternoon, your time could be spent helping these children with their homework. In the mornings you would be more likely to be helping out the staff with all the younger children including the babies. All of whom will benefit from the educational play, cuddles, and care you could offer them. Both of these orphanages are well established providing an excellent service, considering the challenges they face but would benefit massively from your assistance.


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