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Clients can be met at Moshe/Arusha airport or just Arusha town. They are taken to their accommodation for that night ready to start a four day three night safari. Here they can go to Manyara or Terengire for a game drive spending the night at Mto Wa Umbo village in a guest house.

The next day will involve a drive to view Engorongoro Crator and into Serengeti National Park. Here they will camp the night in tents. The next day will involve an early morning game drive to watch the wild animals hunting and then a drive back through the Serengeti to Engorongoro Crator where they will camp the night.

The day after that clients will descend into the Crator for one last game drive. On that same day clients will be taken back to Arusha to stay the night. On the fourth day the journey will continue onto Marangue, the village in the foothills of Kilimanjaro. Here clients will have the opportunity to view the mountain and learn all about the Chugga tribe that come from here. Here they will stay the night.

The following day tourists will be escorted back to Arusha where they can have some free time to do what they like. Seven days into the safari there will be a connection flight to Stone Town in Zanzibar. Here clients can spend the day in Stone Town relaxing and sightseeing at their own pace. Included in the trip at this location will be the Spice Tour and a visit to Prison Island. Clients will go here by boat to see the rare tortoises of this island. There will be an option to snorkel here if tourists so wish.

That night they will spend in Stone Town again so that they are ready to get the shared taxi that will take them to Kendwa the next day. Here they will have three days to relax before being taken back to Stone Town for their connection flight to Dar. Tourists can spend the night here so they are ready for their flight home the next day.

All food and Accommodation is covered in the fee until volunteers arrive in Zanzibar. Here all Accommodation provides breakfast but will not provide lunch or dinner




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