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Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions. If your question is not addressed by this guide, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How much of the fundraisingtarget will go to installing water projects?

At least $350 of the money you raise will go towards the work of Water Aid Matters. The remaining amount is required to cover your, transfers, accommodation, meals and guides. Anything you raise over the minimum fundraising pledge will go directly to the charity so please remember that the more you raise, the more you will be able to help the charity to install water projects.

How will I raise this money?

The charity can provide you with great fundraising ideas, and a sponsor form. Setting up an online fundraising page with is a great way to get donations and the team are always on hand to give you advice and support. You will be considered a professional fundraiser’ as defined by the Charities Act 1992. This means you will need to ensure that when you obtain sponsorship you must give the following statement: I am participating in a trek to raise funds for Water Aid Matters. I have guaranteed to raise at least £500 for the charity. On top of this the charity will receive 22% in gift aid from the government if the donor is a UK tax payer.”

What else should I know?

For most people, the main attraction of travelling to a different country is to see new sights and enjoy new experiences. Sometimes those new experiences can make life harder or more inconvenient than you may like, such as toilet hygiene or different food, or simply a different attitude to solving problems - this is all part of the challenge you have signed up for! We are very privileged to live in a country with a high standard of living, and travelling exposes us to different challenges – all of which help broaden our horizons. We can guarantee that coming face-to-face with experiences outside your normal ‘comfort zone’ will help provide you with plenty of things to laugh about! A sense of humour and sense of adventure are two of the most important things to bring with you!

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Water Aid Matters in Africa Organise trips in Africa and help fund water projects, we are a UK based charity that is helping bring water to african people.