Donate to Water Aid Matters in Africa

Water Aid Matters in Africa is a charity where people volunteer their own time and money to help people that do not have easy access to clean drinking water.
Thats why donations and volunteering from kind people go a long way to helping our cause.
You can donate a little via PayPal or by coming along with us on our volunteering adventures !

Help more people gain access to safe clean drinking water by supporting us with any donations you can give. Every penny counts.

Water Aid Matters in Africa is able to show you exactly what your money has paid for, identifying the exact village where your money has gone.

We will always stay in contact so if you wanted to visit projects you had donated to we would welcome you with open arms.

Donate via "Just Giving" using the Button.



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Our Aim

Water Aid Matters in Africa Organise trips in Africa and help fund water projects, we are a UK based charity that is helping bring water to african people.