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Pipe Dreams is a not for profit organisation that aims to relieve sickness to promote and protect good health and advance education by creating wells and irrigation systems for villagers in Tanzania and to inform people living in the villages about how the storage water systems and wells work.

We help organize safaris where a project donation is included in the price. We organise trips in Africa and help fund water projects there. We also organise safari's in Tanzania! Pipe Dreams is a UK based charity (1125214) and we are here to help bring the African people fresh water.


You can volunteer for Pipe Dreams by coming to Tanzania to contribute towards installing water projects!

Our Vision:

A world where everyone has access to safe clean drinking water.

Our Mission:

To minimise the negative impact that global warming will have on these communities by ensuring they know how to prepare for this.







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Our Aim

Pipe Dreams Organise trips in Africa and help fund water projects, we are a UK based charity that is helping bring water to african people.