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Every aspect of what we do, at Water Aid Matters focuses upon helping our climbers reach the top of Kilimanjaro safely. We only use extremely experienced guides with excellent track records to give you the maximum chance of reaching Uhuru Peak.

How we manage this and what makes us different from other companies offering Kilimanjaro climbs, is that
we always use the same set of experienced guides. Every guide that is part of the team started as a porter climbing Kilimanjaro when they were young. Over the years, as they have gained experience, they have advanced to become assistant guide moving finally on to gain their diploma in mountain guiding.

Water Aid Matters is a UK registered charity by the charity commission of England and Wales. Due to that, the charity does not have to pay high charges to stay up high in the search engine. That means your climb will not have to cover the cost of this either. Instead the money you pay can go to our highly experienced local team ensuring your safety plus fund water projects in Tanzania. Eliza from the UK, the founder of Water Aid Matters stays in Tanzania with the rest of the team for most of the year. For this reason the cost of this climb does not have to consider Western salaries.

We offer you 100% FINANCIAL PROTECTION: We are a fully bonded and an insured member of Paypal giving you 100% financial protection and peace of mind

SIMPLY THE BEST OF EVERYTHING: We use high quality kit, ensure you have lots of good wholesome food, maintain a very high guide to client ratio and most importantly only employ the best guides.

please do not hesitate to contact the Water Aid Matters Team by emailing

This is our brief summary of the advantages and disadvantages of each route. For more detail and the daily itineraries of these routes do not hesitate to contact

The Machame route over 7 days - a beautiful journey, great acclimatisation has the highest success rates.


  • Highly recommended, best success rate, great for acclimatization

  • Challenging trek with stunning scenery through 5 diverse climatic zones

  • Very popular trail, therefore can be busy

  • Fully catered camping only


  • Nicknamed the 'Coca-Cola' route due to the tea huts along the way

  • Easiest and shortest route, but less time to acclimatize, therefore lower success rate

  • Dormitory style accommodation

  • Less scenic due to ascent and descent on same route

Shira or Lemosho

  • Recommended. High success rate. Good for acclimatization

  • Remote and spectacular, dramatic gorges and views of west Kilimanjaro

  • Experience Kilimanjaro's diverse climatic zones as you climb higher

  • Shira offers higher start point compared to Lemosho

  • Fully catered camping only


  • Only northern approach to Kilimanjaro

  • Offers a true wilderness experience on the early stages of the climb

  • Very tough final summit night from the North

  • Less acclimatisation opportunities

  • Fully catered camping only


  • Steep, short route with lower success rate

    • Poor acclimatization due to rapid ascent

    • Very remote and quiet

    • Fully catered camping only

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